Wednesday, April 11, 2012

yes, the weather has been freaky

yes, the weather has been freaky

waiting for the school bus
at 1:10 pm hail was flung
fast furious and melted
in my wide  exposed lap
ice pinged and leapt off the metal
striking me again and again

lost 5 teeth today
at the end of the  needles,
the prying and yanking
the sun came out bright strong
a big tad da, now you are a crone
my lovely, be glad you can still
see that big knotted tree
ancient, filling the window

they'd made improvements: a wide screen tv
touted gorilla glass above the gas flame fireplace
my appointment could be made right by the chair
with a remind card printed there
i could sign electronically
they had obtained a transfer board for
so i could slide without fear

my five teeth included my last wisdom
the youngest of them all
bleached and wiped
this was illegal but my
grief was indulged

today my 92 year old cousin
will be buried and i can't be

as soon as the driver
rolled me down the long 
steep  perilous ramp,
the hail pelted me again as i waited
for the platform to be lowered

at home the cat lept from
the shelter of the front porch
bounded  across the new grass
before i was deposited
on my sidewalk.

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