Sunday, April 28, 2013


The one whose name is yours seduced a king

Spent a year in harem, perfumed daily

Clever virgin asked what pleasured Xerxes

One night, her informed delights made her Queen

Her uncle Mordecai kept faith nearby,

toiled in low office, saved the Regents life

When an ancient enemy reappears

says she must reveal she is a jewish wife,

undo death decrees, avert her people’s slaughter

To see the  king unbidden would be death

“Through feast, by wiles, I’ll avert disaster.

Fast, pray 3 days, I’ll prove my people’s daughter”

As with you by wit, by will, delivered

Though unnamed, God’s saving grace is rendered

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hungry in America

-->I count bread slices
2 each day is still
a day without
!/2 an avocado will last 8 days
but they ripen into urgency
one is gone already
the frozen fish is six days
the stringbeans, too
nothing lasts for seven
there will always be
one empty belly waking
40 years ago I was hungry
as I worked on the degrees
I thought would feed me
And they did for awhile
The weather has changed
Spring is cold, the insects
swarm on the warm days
As if they know  that night
will kill them how
short their tiny lives
have become.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Things They Should Tell You

Things they never tell you
Are told nonetheless
Otherwise how would you know
That the cat shouldn’t eat
the night before his tooth pull
Do you fast before the dentist
removes that last chewing surface
Or feast to remember
the infinite pleasure of your own
dentition, your own way
of grinding down and feeling up
as immediate as waking to the world
as once was,  easy, whole, natural
all your bits and parts intact.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cat Went to Vet Today

Slim cat is now boney.
Woe is me, what could the matter be?
Feeding him meat glop did not stop the hard
edges of spine, stone jut of hips, the worry. Pleading,
please plump up Obi, why must we buck every trend?
America's aswarm with obese felines,
canine bakeries abound with waddling dogs
and you, already lithe, my little African heat seeker,
grow thinner.  The too cheery vet says
the gaunt guy lost only ½ pound
since the last urgent review.
This time he swallowed the tooth they scraped.
He must return to have another yanked for $200
I don’t have but will somehow find,
an offering, from the broken
that fur swathed  love remain,        that he last
to stem again the rising tides of loss.

Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013

6 am spattered whispers

tap against the shuttered vent

dark dawn is smeared in

crystal drops against the window

shining deeper into the

heart of the moment

to be warm against such

chill, and dry  

in spite of what soaks

the hard ground outside