Friday, April 10, 2015

DAy 9 In the Mood for Love film prompt

"DAY 9
’'Watch this clip from In The Mood for Love twice. And then go make something of it, following these guidelines 
- No more than 28 lines
- Include a pair of homonyms (e.g., ‘rite’ and ‘right,’ or ‘dear’ and ‘deer’)
- Consider ‘drift’ and ‘light’
- Consider anatomy (but not the heart, eyes, or lips); and
- A line, phrase, or name taken from this Wikipedia entry on the lunar maria and the mare basalts ( )’’
And here’s the clip from In The Mood For Love! 

She descends with care
a dark passage to a deep hearth
past lamplight‘s arc,
long narrow stairs
to a crowded ark
where men work food forges
attend their singular alchemies for few cents
Fill her green thermos with delicious scents
nourishment’s promise of wanting more
She’s a sylph, a fixed, pristine curve
Ascends from the sweat, heat and steam
of the night kitchen, her semaphor swerves
float up the fragrant well
slink, rising to an unvisoned street
Violins sing of delectable things
swirl of her hips, her high heeled dance
his handsome face, a lingering glance
drifts in the heart’s corridor.

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