Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cat Went to Vet Today

Slim cat is now boney.
Woe is me, what could the matter be?
Feeding him meat glop did not stop the hard
edges of spine, stone jut of hips, the worry. Pleading,
please plump up Obi, why must we buck every trend?
America's aswarm with obese felines,
canine bakeries abound with waddling dogs
and you, already lithe, my little African heat seeker,
grow thinner.  The too cheery vet says
the gaunt guy lost only ½ pound
since the last urgent review.
This time he swallowed the tooth they scraped.
He must return to have another yanked for $200
I don’t have but will somehow find,
an offering, from the broken
that fur swathed  love remain,        that he last
to stem again the rising tides of loss.

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